The Ruins of
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Bug fix heirlooms dropped in excavations from here on are now correctly returned at reincarnation

UI change menu icons!

didn't figure out a couple. I'll fill 'em in later :P

Mechanics change the AP reward from Wheel of Time is now less random

the minimum possible AP gain has been increased by 5; the maximum possible has been decreased by 5.

Mechanics change Shrines can no longer give 100AP; that reward has been replaced with 1 Karma

a nerf, I realize, but 100AP was kind of absurdly over-the-top.

New feature replaced "to-do list" with "the future of TRo"

trying to give a little more structure to how I work on The Ruins of.

Bug fix Drums are no longer created with "shamisen" as one of their types >_>

Bug fix equipment no longer says "0% Defense" or "0% Accuracy"

this happened when an equipment had both bonuses and penalties for defense or accuracy which added up to exactly 0.

Bug fix game will no longer try to generate equippable earrings.

earrings can't be equipped! any already-generated earrings may still be erroneous. you can safely ignore these, and just donate/sell them.

Mechanics change "Appraisal" now grants a +10% identify rate bonus for jewelry (in addition to its normal effect)

New feature new type of treasure: jewelry

this is a "trinket" type of treasure, grouped with non-equippable jewelry, pottery, and tablets

Graphics update four new helmet graphics; viking-style helmet graphic now appears only in Scandinavia

Mechanics change messed with Motivations; added a new one

increased experience award for Scholar; decreased bonus HP for Survivor. added new Motivation: Bon Vivant.

Bug fix fixed some bugs during battle due to previous update. fixed Monk knowledges

Tiger Strike and Palm of Heaven were not correctly applying their bonuses during combat. this has been fixed.

Server performance update changed the way knowledges are stored in the database

I've learned this lesson a million times, but apparently a million isn't enough: don't use comma-separated lists! argh! don't do it! you crazy fool!

Bug fix fixed a bug fix with local fairs

Mechanics change several monsters (Scorpions, Chimera...) will now poison you on a critical hit.

New feature new knowledge: Pick-throwing

Graphics update added graphic for Motive: Rebel

Mechanics change new character option: Flaws!

you may choose one at character birth (only only second or greater life). if you do, you start at level 2 (receiving associated HP, Karma tickets, etc)

Graphics update added knowledge graphics for Mithridatism and Animism