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Alux (monster)


Regions: Maya

Aluxob are small, knee-high trickster spirits. When not invisible, they appear as miniature, traditionally-dressed Mayans.

They are said to be created when a farmer builds a house on his property. The alux will then help the fields grow by summoning rain and scaring off predators for seven years. However at the end of the seven years, the farmer must lock the alux inside the house, or else it will run wild and play tricks on people.

Apu (monster)


Regions: Inca

A spirit of the mountains.

Apus protect those that live on or near the mountains they inhabit.

Azukiarai (monster)


Regions: Japan

A spirit that lives near the water. It amuses itself by singing "azuki togo ka, hito totte kuo ka, shoki shoki" ("will I grind my azuki beans, or will I get a person to eat? shoki shoki"), to lure people to investigate. When they do, they inevitably fall into the water.

Baku (monster)

Regions: China, Japan

A dream-eating spirit with the head of an elephant and the body of a lion, or with the head of a lion, the body of a horse, the tail of a cow, and the legs and feet of a tiger.

Usually seen as good creatures that devour nightmares, they are also known to trouble humans by devouring all dreams - depriving people of them - and/or waking sleepers to deprive them of sleep in general.

Barghest (monster)


Regions: Scandinavia

A monstrous goblin-dog with huge teeth and claws. It wanders during the night, a portent of death to anyone who sees it.

Chimera (monster)

Regions: Greece

A monster made from the parts of many animals, sometimes the body of the goat, the tail of a snake or dragon, and the head of a lion, other times the heads of both a goat and lion, and the tail of a snake. In either case, it is known to breath fire.

Cyclops (monster)


Regions: Greece

A one-eyed giant. Cyclopses live a primitive, caveman-like life.

Demon (monster)


Regions: Near East

When God first created the angels, he offered them the same choice he later offered humanity: to follow him, or be cast apart from him. Those that did not follow him became known as demons, and have troubled humanity ever since.

Dragon (monster)


Regions: China, Greece, Japan, Near east, Rome, Scandinavia

The Dragon is a common mythological creature across the world, in part due to the flexibility of its definition: almost any large reptile with magical powers can be considered a Dragon.

Christianity usually views Dragons as evil creatures due to their association with serpents, and, therefore, The Devil, a view that has become prevalent in western culture in general. Eastern cultures, however, tend to depict the Dragon as a wise protectors and symbols of luck and good health.

Dwarf (monster)

Regions: Scandinavia

Dwarves, or "Dvergar" in old Norse, were born spontaneously, like maggots, from the dead flesh of Ymir, the cosmic giant from whose dead body the world was made.

They are ugly, selfish, greedy, and cunning, however they are also master metal-workers, creating the spear Gungnir and the golden ring Draupnir of Odin, Mjolnir the hammer of Thor, the golden hair of Sif, Freyja's necklace Brísingamen, and the ship Skíðblaðnir of Freyr. They also created a kind of helmet that could turn its wearer invisible.

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