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Ekimmu (monster)


Regions: Near East

When a person's soul is denied entrance to the underworld, they are doomed to walk the earth for eternity as an Ekimmu. They become extremely vengeful toward the living, causing disease, inspiring criminal behavior, and sometimes sucking the life out of sleeping children.

Feng Huang (monster)

Feng Huang

Regions: China

Sometimes (inaccurately) referred to as the "Chinese Phoenix", Feng Huang is an immortal bird that reigns over all birds.

The Feng Huang was said to be made of all the most desirable parts of earth's creatures: the snake's neck, the crane's forehead, the dragon's stripes, the fish's tail, the tortoise's shell, the swallow's throat, and the fowl's bill.

Giant (monster)

Regions: All

Generally speaking, a Giant is nothing more than a giant person. However, each individual mythology usually features giants with their own, unique characteristics, from the one-eyed Greek Cyclops to the freezing-cold Norse Jötunn.

Griffin (monster)

Regions: Egypt, Greece, Near East, Rome

The Griffin is a creature with the head, beak, and wings of an eagle, body of a lion, and, in some cases, the tail of a serpent.

They are said to live in groups, with sizes and social hierarchies similar to that found in prides of lions.

Hantu Kubor (monster)

Hantu Kubor

Regions: Khmer

The Hantu Kubor is one of many Hantu demons from Philippine mythology notorious for possessing people and driving them insane.

The Hantu Kubor specifically is a grave demon.

Hantu Penyardin (monster)

Regions: Khmer

The Hantu Penyardin is one of many Hantu demons from Philippine mythology notorious for possessing people and driving them insane.

The Hantu Penyardin specifically is a Malaysian vampire.

Homonculus (monster)

Regions: Greece, Rome

The Homonculus is a man-made living creature, first created by the alchemist Paracelsus. According to Paracelsus, the Homonculus is made from a bag of bones, sperm, skin fragments, and hair from any animal (of which the homunculus will become a hybrid). This is laid in the ground surrounded by horse manure for forty days, at which point an embryo forms.

Later recipes called for different ingredients - mandrake root, or the egg of a black hens, for example - however in all cases fertilization by human sperm is required.

Huay Chivo (monster)

Regions: Maya

Literally meaning "Witch-Goat", the Huay Chivo is en evil sorcerer capable of shapeshifting into a supernatual animal - usually a goat, dog, or deer - in order to prey on livestock.

The Chupacabra is thought to be a modern version of the Huay Chivo.

Hydra (monster)

Regions: Greece, Rome

A serpent with many heads and poisonous breath. When one of its heads is cut off, two more grow in its place.

Jötunn (monster)


Regions: Scandinavia

The Jötnar are a race of hideous frost giants with deformed features. Some are said to even have multiple heads, and/or an overall non-humanoid shape.

Besides being large, the Jötnar have claws, fangs, and a short temper.

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