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Katzenartig (monster)


Regions: Scandinavia

"Katzenartig" is the German word for "cat". This is not a creature from mythology. Its use as a monster is a tradition created by, and can be found in many of its games.

Kitsune (monster)


Regions: Japan

Kitsune are foxes who possess great intelligence, long life, and magical powers, including the ability to shapeshift. They usually appear in the form of a beautiful woman, young girl, or old man.

There are two major types of Kitsune: the benevolent "myobu", and the malicious "nogitsune".

Kobold (monster)


Regions: Scandinavia

Kobolds are goblin-like creatures that, though not inherently evil, are prone to playing tricks on humans.

The element cobolt is named after the Kobold, due to the poisonous, arsenic ores of the metal that can make mining difficult.

Lindworm (monster)

Regions: Scandinavia

See "Dragon".

Maal (monster)

Regions: India

A malevolent spirit resembling a mermaid. It dwells in ponds, lakes, and rivers, and drags unsuspecting people to a watery grave.

Mapinguari (monster)

Regions: Inca

A giant, sloth-like monster. It's name roughly translates to mean "the fetid beast."

It is covered in thick fur making it almost impervious to arrows and bullets, has long arms, claws, and an enormous mouth in the center of its belly, through which it devours humans.

But the feature for which the Mapinguari receives its name is the terrible stench it emits. It is because of this odor that the creature is surrounded by a cloud of flies, and that even the strongest warriors are forced to flee when faced with it, often times sick for days after the encounter.

Minotaur (monster)

Regions: Greece

The minotaur is half-man, half-bull, sometimes with the head of a bull and body of a man, sometimes with the head of a man and body of a bull.

It survives by capturing and eating young men and women.

Mogwai (monster)

Regions: China

Mogwai are evil spirits who harass the living.

They wear clothes which have no hems, cast no shadow, and are visible to people only as a breath of air.

Naga (monster)


Regions: India

Naga are part snake, part human. Sometimes "good guys" - protectors of springs, rivers, and wells - they are also often portrayed as being malevolent creatures that bring disaster and death. One description in the epic Mahabharata describes them thus:

the snakes were of virulent poison, great prowess and excess of strength, and ever bent on biting other creatures

A female Naga is a Nagin or Nagini.

Navagunjara (monster)

Regions: India

The Navagunjara is a creature composed of nine different animals: the head of a rooster, the neck of a peacock, the back of a bull, the waist of a lion, the tail of a serpent, and the feet of an elephant, human, deer, and tiger.

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