The Ruins of
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Preta (monster)


Regions: India

Preta are ghosts believed to be jealous or greedy people in a previous life. As a result of their karma, they are afflicted with an insatiable hunger for a particular, repugnant substance, such as human corpses or feces.

They are human-like in appearance, with sunken, mummified skin, narrow limbs, swollen bellies, and long, thin necks.

Qilin (monster)

Regions: China, Japan, Khmer

Known in China as the Qilin, in Japan as the Kirin, and in Thailand as the Ki len.

The Quilin is a magical creature that, while fearsome in appearance, only punishes the wicked.

Its appearance varies from place to place, and time period to time period, but it is always a scaled, four-legged animal with hooves and horns or antlers. It is often capable of breathing fire, and is sometimes wrapped in flame entirely.

Raiju (monster)

Regions: Japan

Raiju, meaning "thunder beast", is a creature made of lightning and in the shape of a Cat, Tanuki, Monkey, or Weasel.

It is thought that the Raiju is an attempt to explain ball lightning.

Rakshasa (monster)

Regions: India

Yellow, green, or blue demons with vertical slits for eyes, large bellies, fangs, and poisonous fingernails.

They haunt cemeteries, and are said to drink blood, preferring to attack infants and pregnant women.

They are most powerful at night, especially during a new moon, but are dispelled by the rising sun.

Rock (monster)


Regions: All

As a monster, animated rocks are not from any particular mythology, although they have been mentioned on occasion: in Sumerian mythology, the demon Asag was said to raise an army of rocks and stones against man.

Their inclusion here, however, is mostly for self-parody.

Rompo (monster)

Regions: Africa, India

A creature with the head of a jack rabbit, ears of a human, front arms of a badger, and rear legs of a bear, all brought together on a skeletal body.

It feeds exclusively on human corpses, crooning softly as it eats.

Scorpion (monster)


Regions: All

Scorpions can be found in almost all parts of the world, except, notably, Australia and New Zealand.

Of the approximately 1500 species of Scorpion, the sting of most is comparable to that of a bee sting - only about 50 are known to produce venom that can cause system-wide effects in humans, and only half of those are potentially fatal.

Guess which kinds you'll find in The Ruins of?

Serpopard (monster)

Regions: Egypt

A creature with the body of a leopard, and the long neck and head of a serpent.

Slime (monster)


Regions: All

Also called Ooze, the Slime is not a monster from any particular mythology. Its origins lie in pen-and-paper table-top games, if anywhere.

Snake (monster)


Regions: All

Snakes can be found in virtually every part of the world, and, if Indy has taught us anything, are a frequent obstacle to adventuring archaeologists.

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