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Sphinx (monster)

Regions: Egypt, Greece, Rome

Part lion, part human, the sphinx symbolizes the union of great strength with great intellect.

Strix (monster)

Regions: Greece, Rome

Strix are screech owls that were once human women, transformed by a curse. They have large talons, misshapen heads, and breasts filled with poisonous milk.

They feed on the blood, and sometimes internal organs, of humans.

Svartálfar (monster)

Regions: Scandinavia, Greece, Rome

Meaning "dark elf", Svartálfar live underground, hiding from the light. They are known for inspiring nightmares by whispering them into the ears of the sleeping.

Tanuki (monster)

Regions: Japan

Tanuki are a member of the dog family that closely resembles raccoons. For this reason, they are sometimes called "raccoon dogs."

In mythology, Tanuki are intelligent, shapeshifting tricksters who enjoy drinking, possess great strength, supernatural powers, and huge scrotums. (I'm sorry to say that I am not making this up.) They can control their scrotum's size and movement, enabling their use as small boats, drums, umbrellas, blankets, and even blunt weapons.

Teyu-Yagua (monster)

Regions: Inca

Literally meaning "Lizard-Dog", Teyu-Yagua is variously a lizard with seven dog heads, or a lizard with one, enormous dog head. In both cases, the head(s) hinder the Teyu-Yagua's movement.

Tiangou (monster)


Regions: China

Literally "celestial dog", the Tiangou is a great, black dog that occasionally devours the sun, causing solar eclipses.

Troll (monster)

Regions: Scandinavia

They call me Troll;
Gnawer of the Moon,
Giant of the Gale-blasts,
Curse of the rain-hall,
Companion of the Sibyl,
Nightroaming hag,
Swallower of the loaf of heaven.
What is a Troll but that?

Tsuchigumo (monster)

Regions: Japan

The Tsuchigumo is a monster that generally appears in the form of a Giant Spider, though it is capable of taking many forms.

Valkyrie (monster)


Regions: Scandinavia

The name "Valkyrie" comes from an old Norse word meaning "Choosers of the Slain", for it is the job of the Valkyries to find slain heroes and bring them to Valhalla to become warriors for the battle at the end of the world: Ragnarök.

They are said to fly over battlefields like ravens, choosing warriors from among the fallen, while their mounts, packs of wolves, feed on the corpses.

Less impressively, Valkyries would also "serve drink and look after the tableware and drinking vessels" in Valhalla.

Vyala (monster)


Regions: India

A creature with the body of a lion, and the head of an elephant, tiger, or bird.

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