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Help - Battle

"Most of my attacks miss! What's up with that?"

In real life, getting hit by a sword (or bullet!) once or twice is usually enough to bring you down. The Ruins of tries to emulate this with a combat system that's based less on Hit Points, and more on Fatigue: as each participant dodges attacks, they become increasingly fatigued, until a hit is finally landed.

Most attacks, on both sides, will be dodged, however they still increase the target's Fatigue; the more damage the attack would have done, the more tiring it is for the target.

An opponent's Fatigue tells you how likely that opponent is to be hit, for example an opponent with 30% Fatigue has (about) a 30% chance of being hit. "About", because other factors are almost always at play: a fatigued attacker is less likely to hit, and equipment bonuses can increase either side's accuracy or defense ratings, so it is possible to miss even when an opponent has over 100% Fatigue!

When someone is finally hit, not only do they lose Hit Points, their Fatigue is dramatically increased.

A related tip: Fatigue is easier and cheaper to recover than Hit Points. You can recover Fatigue just by walking around or resting briefly, but Hit Point loss will require either expensive items, or lots of time, to recover.

When you encounter a monster in an Excavation, a battle will start.


In battle, you and the monster take turns performing Actions. Actions have different speeds, so that if one of you takes a very slow Action, the other may be able to take many faster Actions one after the other.

There are several Actions you may take, most of which will attack the opponent, however some Actions perform other functions.

Knowledges and Equipment sometimes give you access to additional Actions.


The Stance of you and your opponent are important: they provide a passive bonus, as well as dictate which Actions you may take. Most Actions will change your Stance, as well.

For example, some actions may only be taken in the Aggressive Stance, and most actions cannot be taken while in the Disoriented Stance.

Stances are color-coded for easy identification.

For a complete list of Stances and their effects, refer to the Stance help page.

An Example

Here is an example Action, "Brace", which is available to all players. You can tell which Stances you can use it from, as well as the Stance it will leave you in, by looking at the colored blocks on either side of its name.

The block on the left tells us that we must be in the Neutral or Focusing Stances to use this Action, and that using it will put us into the Defensive Stance.

Battle End

A battle can end in one of four ways:

  1. The monster's Hit Points are reduced to 0.
  2. Your Hit Points are reduced to 0.
  3. You flee from battle.
  4. You use an item (such as a Smoke Bomb) or special combat action to end battle.

Keep an eye on your Fatigue and Hit Points! It is almost always better to flee from battle than to die. (Death isn't permanent or anything, but it can be very time-consuming.)