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Help - Con Levels

Excavations and Monsters both have "Con Levels", short for "Consideration Level" (a concept MMORPG-players will likely find familiar).

An Excavation or Monster's Con Level reflects its level relative to the Player viewing it. For example, a level-0 Player will view a level-10 Monster as being "suicidal", while a level-20 Player viewing the same Monster will see it as being "a trifle."

Relative Level Con Level
-4 and below a trifle
-3 to -2 easy
-1 to +1 normal
+2 to +3 challenging
+4 to +5 hard
+6 and above suicidal
Excavation Con Levels

Excavations are given a level based on the level of the monsters they contain. Since deeper excavations have more powerful monsters, an excavation's Con Level can give you a clue as to its depth.