The Ruins of
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Help - Design Pillars


Above all, I want players of "The Ruins of" to be able to tell a story about their character. At the end of a character's life, if you don't have a feeling for the sort of person that character was, then I have failed.

I think the best way to accomplish this is by giving you interesting decisions to make for your character, and then tailoring other parts of the game based on those decisions. That may sound obvious, but it's also easy to get lost in other aspects of the game - the combat; the numbers; the balance - so I think it's an important point to make and remember.

Adventuring Archaeology in the Early 1900s

There are many things that may define your character, but one of them will always be that they have - for one reason or another - decided to become "adventuring archaeologists" in the early 1900s.

It's important that the game conveys this setting, especially when it comes to story-telling elements.

Of course, there will be some anachronistic elements, either to make gameplay not suck (you don't have to pay to send telegraphs to other players :P) or even just for amusment (aliens! lasers! lolcats?!)

Rogue-inspired Mechanics

This game is a "Roguelikelike", by which I mean I've chosen to take elements from Rogue and Roguelike games that I think make for very interesting, tactical gameplay, and make them core mechanics.

Roguelikes have many characteristics, but the ones I think are most important for The Ruins of are: