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Help - Equipment

Weapons, Hats, and Pets may provide you with a variety of bonuses.


Accuracy bonuses help you land a hit, dealing damage to Hit Points directly.

The Accuracy bonuses of multiple items are added linearly - for example two items that give +5% Accuracy yield a total +10% Accuracy - however this total is multiplied with the target's Fatigue. For example, against an enemy with 50% Fatigue (assuming you have 0% Fatigue), a +10% Accuracy bonus gives you a 55% chance to hit, not a 60% chance.

Critical Attack

Every player and monster has a 5% base chance to make a Critical Attack. Critical Attack bonuses are added directly to this percent, so, for example, a +2% Critical Attack bonus raises the total chance of a Critical Attack to 7%.

Damage (fixed)

Note that for weapons, Damage bonuses are not listed in the item's list of bonuses. Instead, the base damage of the weapon is adjusted directly.

Other items, such as helmets and rings, however, will list any +Damage bonuses they have.

Damage (percent)

Percent damage bonuses are applied after all fixed damage bonuses are added.


Defense bonuses help prevent an opponent from landing a hit.

Defense and Accuracy counter each other, for example a 10% Accuracy bonus for the attacker would be exactly countered by a 10% Defense bonus for the attacked.


Initiative bonuses increase the chances that you go first, and that when you do, you'll be able to land more hits on your enemy before it gets a chance to make any.

Every attack takes time to use, for example an "Average" attack takes 3 time. So an equipment that provides a +3 Initiative bonus skews initiative in your favor by one Average-speed attack.


Resistance reduces damage taken, whether it is applied to Hit Points or Fatigue.

The amount of reduction per hit varies: it is a random amount between 0 and the total Resistance.