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Help - Fatigue and Hit Points


Fatigue is expressed as a percent, and represents the likelihood that your character is hit in combat. Being fatigued also reduces your chances of hitting an opponent, so it is possible to miss an opponent even when he or she has 100% or more Fatigue.

Your Fatigue increases both when you dodge an enemy's attack, and when you are struck by one. The stronger the attack, the more the Fatigue.

Healing Fatigue

If you escape from a fight, the Monster you were fighting heals all of its Fatigue (but none of its Hit Points).

Hit Points

Hit Points are a measure of health. When your character is hit in combat, your Hit Points will be reduced; if they reach 0, you "die" (see details below).

Every player starts with a maximum of 10 Hit Points. This maximum increases by 1 every two levels. Some Knowledges can increase this number as well.

Recovering Hit Points

Monsters never recover Hit Points.


You will never actually die: when your Hit Points reach 0, you are "saved from the brink of death", and returned to the Excavation's Base Camp with 0% Fatigue and 10 Hit Points (regardless of your maximum Hit Point amount).

Any Artifacts in your Backpack at the time of death are dropped at the location of your death. Equipped items are not dropped.

If you have a pet, your pet will lose 1 Hit Point when you die. (When a pet runs out of Hit Points, it is dead.)