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Help - The Battle Timer and Initiative

The Battle Timer

During battle, a running count is kept to determine whose turn it is to take an action. This is the Battle Timer.

If the Battle Timer is below zero, it is the opponent's turn, otherwise it is your turn.

Attack Speeds

The speed of a weapon determines how long it takes to attack with that weapon.

Speed Time
Fast 2
Average 3
Slow 4

For example, if the Battle Timer were at 3, you could make two Average speed attacks (say, with a sword) before the monster takes its action: the first would reduce the Battle Timer to 0, and the second would reduce it to -3.


At the start of a battle, the Battle Timer is set to a random number near 0. It is further adjusted based on the monster's level, your level, and any Knowledges or Equipment you have which provide an Initiative bonus.