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Help - Pets

Pets are similar to other Equipment in that, by equipping them, they can provide you with certain bonuses.

However unlike other Equipment, you can choose the bonuses your pets provide by training them. Also, if you're not careful, your pets can die.

Finding Pets

Pets can be found in Excavations as Eggs. Once at home, and identified, you can hatch an egg to receive the pet inside.

Your Kennel

All of your pets - equipped or not - may be viewed at your Kennel.

There is no limit to the number of pets you can keep.

Training Pets

Pets gain experience and level up much like you do.

Every time you win a fight, your equipped pet will receive an Experience Point. When it has received enough, it will level-up.

Each time a pet levels, you can increase the bonus it provides you.

Different pets can be trained in different ways, for example the Desikh can be trained to provide a critical attack bonus, but not a damage bonus.

You can train two sets of traits on each pet, increasing each 5 times. Once a pet reaches level 10, it cannot be trained further.

Keeping Pets Alive

If you lose a fight against a monster, your equipped pet will lose 1 Hit Point. If it loses all of its Hit Points, it will die.

It is difficult to restore the lost Hit Points of a pet. A Soul Gem Fragment can be used to heal a pet. These are hard to come by, however some Knowledges can make it easier.